LÖSS. A Weinviertel western

LÖSS. A Weinviertel western


„This might not be the best theatrical production of the summer, but it’s definitely the weirdest.“

Martin Thomas Pesl, Falter (31/2022)


„You don’t have to live in Großriedenthal to love „LÖSS“. But it doesn’t hurt.“

Dominik Perlaki 

Löss is a yellowish to ocher colored sediment. In 2021, Löss was awarded as soil of the year. „LÖSS“ is also a hyper-regional Weinviertel western, a meta-level mindfuck multimedia performance for a village in Lösstal (AT)

The fantastic ensemble around Johanna Hainz (the Bode), Rina Juniku (the cave priest) and Martin Hemmer (the lonesome stranger) tells an imaginative story of a fertile soil sediment „Löss“, which is characteristic of the area, the wine and the people of Großriedenthal. LÖSS also tells of rock migration, disappeared men and legendary figures. The team around Klara Rabl embarks on the search for the regional essence and on their imaginative journey does not shy away from any risky substantive or aesthetic twist. The hypermedia Western Film Theater Piece adds a unique twist to the site specific performance.

The result is a completely new, varied local saga that, among other things, reveals the secret of the attraction of the Loesshof and finally gives the “Soil of the Year” the opportunity to deliver its long overdue award acceptance speech.

„The wondrous, dreamlike in two senses, psychedelic-regional rock summer comedy LOESS by Klara Rabl! Go see this piece you gringos and outlaws and earthworms!“

Marc Carnal 


written and directed by Klara Rabl
DOP, post production and Eiditing: Oliver Indra and Jeannine Felzmann
Assistant Director: Lisa Rodlauer
Soundtrack and Outside Eye: Marc Carnal
Sound Design: Oliver Aitzetmüller
Stage and Set Design, Costumes: Sophie Tautorus
Ensemble: Rina Juniku, Johanna Hainz und Martin Hemmer

with Franz Aigner, Franz Aigner, Apollonia Bitzan, Nikolaus Christoforetti, Katharina Holzer, Johannes Mayer, Erhard Mörwald, Alois Obenaus, Anna Perlaki




  • LÖSS
  • PREMIERE: 28. Juli 2022
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