Wie es ist – Bipolar Feminin (music video)

Wie es ist – Bipolar Feminin (music video)

„More subtle in both music and lyrics, less rough, this new single is the best example of [Bipolar Feminin’s] development. Between anger and love, the fragility of society as well as relationships, is discussed. And the strength and security that joining forces with others can provide.“

The Gap about „Wie es ist“

The music video for „Wie es ist“ by Bipolar Feminin was shot as a one-shot video in the completely darkened club location „Einbaumöbel“ in Vienna using an infrared camera and motion control.

We follow a protagonist as she enters; she seems alone, lost, before she takes a running start and lands with a courageous jump in the middle of a group of three. The camera starts moving and in a slow panoramic rotation we discover that the darkness belongs to a community. The low-light room turns the protagonists into a close-knit community, familiar with each other and the darkness around them, though the band itself becomes the final figure of light. Security transforms the „fragile system“ into the possibility of completely letting yourself go in this space, a rebellious act in itself.

idea, direction: Klara Rabl
DOP, post production: Alexandra Braschel
set and costume design: Lisa Ulrich

Laura Antonia
Hannah Birnbaumer
Sebastian Brenner
Arlett von Cafe Sekt
Rena von Cafe Sekt
Toqa Eissa
Peter Engl
Emmylou Fertschai
Felicitas Gößnitzer-Gharabaghi
Anne Hachleitner
Meinrad Hader
Fred Heinemann
Emil Hippenkothen
Barbara Huterer
Valentina Horejs
jopa jotakin
Hannah Lazina
Marie Luise Lehner
Egon Lind
Lilian Kaufmann
Doris Prall
Lucas Reindl
Rafael Reisenbichler
Rebecca von Rolltreppe
Konstantin Springer
Gerald Steiner
Olga Steiner
Lilly Thurner
Lisa Ulrich

Bipolar Feminin:
Lyrics, Vocals & Guitar: Leni Ulrich
Guitar: Jakob Brejcha
Bass: Max Ulrich
Drums: Samu Reisenbichler

funded by Österreichischen Musikfonds

featured in BRAVÖ Hits 2023 – Music Videos of the year (Cinema Next, Stream Festival) 

  • Wie es ist - Bipolar Feminin
  • Release: 31 März 2023
  • Gefördert vom Österreichischen Musikfonds
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